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Hear from our happy customers

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Executive & Artist Travel - Amy Grant

“Executive Travel has saved my sanity more times than I can count over the last 30+ years that I have used their services. Terri is an incredible problem solver, a quick responder and does it all with cheerful style. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I only knew Terri Rion as ‘Terri Travel’ for the first few years!”


Amy Grant


“When it comes to travel, my first call is always to Terri Rion and the team at Executive Travel and Parking. I have been blessed for well over 10 years to have the assistance of Terri's team, they are very prompt and precise, but the reason I keep coming back to Executive Travel year after year is their accuracy! In 10 plus years they have NEVER had an error in any of my tours bookings.


“I would not hesitate to recommend them to any touring party, big or small, they handle it all. It never ceases to amaze me how Terri knows what I want before I ask, she is always full of great ideas and suggestions and, once she books a person on my tour, she creates a profile for them. I never have to rehash employees’ and tour staff members’ information. She knows what they like, where they fly from, their seat preferences, their frequent flier numbers...they are on top of their game. I LOVE this company!”


Donnie Lewis

Tour Manager – for Trisha Yearwood, Peter Frampton and others

“Executive Travel & Parking has been a blessing in my life for a long time. Their willingness to help anytime of day has brought peace to my hectic days! Thank you Executive Travel & Parking for your excellent service.”


CeCe Winans


Executive & Artist Travel - CeCe Winans
Executive & Artist Travel - Cheri Keaggy

"With everything that artists have to think about, it's such a relief to know the travel part is completely covered. Many thanks to Terri and the folks at Executive Travel & Parking for years of excellent service. I sure appreciate you!"


Cheri Keaggy


"We all know time is money and I don't have time to sit around and search the Internet for airfares and lodging.  With a quick phone call or email to Terri Rion, I can get multiple flight and hotel options sent to me and car services booked in minutes. Those who handle groups and travel frequently know that a Travel Agent is just as valuable as they were before the Internet age. That's why I've used Executive Travel for over 18 years and plan to use them for another 18 years!"


Bobby Simmons

Sandbox Entertainment – a full service management, marketing, creative
and publicity firm for Little Big Town

Executive & Artist Travel - Sandbox Entertainment
Executive & Artist Travel - Be Music & Entertainment

“I’m not sure how many years I’ve been working with Terri Rion and the Executive Travel & Parking team, but let’s just say it’s probably around 30 years, over 4 million miles on American alone. And obviously in the new world where you can do anything online, you would have to ask why don’t we just stay with that easy access plan. However, after my many travels, I have found that no travel plan stays in the lane you book it. Ha! Everything seems to change once you book a flight to check-in, and then flights get cancelled or re-routed, or something goes crazy. And for me to be able to call the team at Executive Travel and be attended to is absolutely the BEST plan and most efficient use of my time. When time is most precious, and you want help while traveling, nothing is better.”


Michael Blanton

President of Be Music and Entertainment – an artist development company

“I have been working with Executive Travel & Parking for the last 4 years and have had a great experience with them. Executive Travel provides exceptional customer service. They are quick to book, change and cancel with last-minute notification and the information is always correct. I would recommend them to anyone who travels for business or for pleasure.”


Logan Kornegay

Tour Manager for Thomas Rhett


“Terri Rion and Executive Travel are the best. She has always gotten me where I need to be, through every complication in the world of travel. And she always does her job with a great attitude and very professionally!”


Mike Atkins

Mike Atkins Entertainment – an artist management and branding company

Executive & Artist Travel - Mike Atkins
Heart of David Worship Center

"I have worked with Executive Travel for almost 10 years now. From day one they have treated my company and I like family. They have always gone above and beyond our expectations. They are great with handling single itineraries or, as in our case, many itineraries all at the same time. Here's to the next 10 years with Executive!"


Rick Pino

Heart of David Worship Center

"I have used Executive Travel & Parking for 8 years or more with various clients. The service is top notch, fast, friendly and extremely efficient compared to other companies I have used in the past. If there is a problem with a flight, Julie or Terri have always jumped on it and called the airline and had flights changed immediately so that I could get the band and Artist there in time."


Brian Persall

Tour Manager for Terri Clark

Terri Clark

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